Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alpha and Omega III: Rise of the Next Generation

Alpha and Omega III: Rise of the Next Generation
Copyright © 2010, by Uarecaught

Chapter 1:
December 24, 2013, Kate and Lilly visits the valley where their father, Winston was buried.  The two wolves both sit down and start to cry.  Afterwards, Kate goes back to the den.  Inside the den, Humphrey and his son, Zuki, both were playing with each other.  Soon, Zuki asks Kate some questions.
“Mommy?  What’s wrong?” said Zuki curiously.
“It’s nothing, sweetie,” said Kate as she continues crying, “Humphrey, I think it’s about time we tell him.”
“Tell me what?” said Zuki.  Both Kate and Humphrey sighs and Kate tells him.
“I wanted to tell you later when you are older, but I guess I it’s time now,” said Kate, while she slowly stops crying, “Your grandfather, Winston, died from a strange disease called leukemia.  He was a great leader and a great father.  Without him, he would not have let Humphrey and me get married and have you.”
“Uh, Zuki?” said Humphrey, “Can you step outside for a minute?”  He then walks in the den and whispers in Kate’s ear, “Kate, he’s too young still.  Just wait till he is older.”  He then licks Kate’s cheek.  “Thank you, Humphrey,” said Kate as she whispers in Humphrey’s ear.  She then nuzzles his nose.
“Don’t worry, Kate,” said Humphrey as he whispers in Kate’s ear, “Even though he is not here, right beside us, he is right here.”  Humphrey then takes his paw and places it on the left side of Kate’s chest.
“Oh, Humphrey,” whispers Kate, “Thank you.  When you saved my life back in Idaho, I dedicated my life to you.”  She then gives him a hug.  Soon, Kate stopped crying.  “I love you, Humphrey,” she whispers.  “I love you too, Kate,” whispers Humphrey.  Soon, it starts to rain and everyone falls asleep.
          Four days later, it was Humphrey’s birthday.  The whole pack had a huge party that night.  They played some games like the wolf pile.
“Daddy!  Daddy!” yelled Zuki.
“Huh?” responded Humphrey.
“Wolf pile!” yelled Zuki, Sable, and Sam.  The three wolves landed on top of Humphrey.
“Oof!” grunted Humphrey, “Nice one, guys!”
“Thanks dad!” said Zuki.  Soon, Kate comes into the scene.
“Well, well, well.  What do we have here?” said Kate
“Hey, Kate!” said Humphrey.
“Hi, Humphrey,” said Kate, “And hello, Zuki, Sam, and Sable.  How is the party?”
“It’s all great!” said Sam.
“Well, just glad that all of you are having a great time,” said Kate.
“Hey, Kate,” said Humphrey.
“Yes?” said Kate.
“I think we should teach Zuki when he is older.”
“Yeah, I think so too.  But anyways, want to go log riding?”
“Sure!  Come on, kids!”  Hours later, everyone grew tired and calls it a night.  Kate, Humphrey, and Zuki walks back to their den.  Zuki’s parents huddle around him and nuzzle him.  “Good night, Zuki,” said Kate.  Soon, they all fall asleep.
          As the weeks pass, spring comes quickly.  We find the three pups watching their parents, Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, and Garth stalking caribou.  As Humphrey inches his way towards a caribou, he gets knocked down by one of the caribou.  He gets trampled on the chest, thus paralyzing him from hunting anymore.
“Daddy!” yelled Zuki.  The three wolves rushed towards Humphrey.  Kate stopped the hunt and the rest of the wolves huddled around Humphrey.  Kate took her paw and placed it over his chest to check for a pulse.
“He’s fine, but we need to take him back to the den,” said Kate.
The wolves dragged Humphrey’s body back to the den while the pups follow Kate back to the den.  “Will daddy be alright?” asked Zuki in a frightened matter.  “Yes, do not worry, Zuki,” said Kate.  As they arrive to the den, Kate asks the three pups to stay outside for a while.  As the pups leave, Kate sat down in a lying position and starts to nuzzle and lick Humphrey.  Eve then drags Humphrey towards his sleeping area.  “Kate, stop licking Humphrey,” said Eve, “Just give him some time.  He will wake up soon.”  “Okay, mom,” said Kate.  She then stops licking Humphrey and leaves the den.  Kate returns to the hunt, but as soon she arrives, the caribou disappeared.  “Where did they go?” thought Kate.  She examines the area and finds nothing strange, besides the fact that the caribou disappeared for no apparent reason.  She then leaves and heads back to the den.  “Oh, Humphrey,” thought Kate, “How can this happen to you?”  She sighs because she keeps thinking of ways to protect Humphrey.  She wants to repay him for saving her life three times.  She then lies down over Humphrey.  Zuki then snuggled in.

Chapter 2:
          The next morning, Kate wakes up tired.  “Good morning, Humphrey!” said Kate.  She yawned and notices Humphrey attempting to get up.  “Uh, Kate,” said Humphrey, “Can you lend me a paw?”  Kate then helps Humphrey gets back up on his feet.  “Thanks,” said Humphrey and licks Kate’s cheek.  Kate then giggled and said back, “Your welcome, my silly omega.”  Humphrey then blushed a little.  Soon, they both realize that Zuki was staring at them the whole time.  “Um, what were you guys talking about?” asked Zuki, “And who was the ‘silly omega’?”
“Oh, um,” said Humphrey hesitantly, “I believe that would be, uh, me.”  Zuki then giggled and said, “You’re totally weird and funny.”
“Okay, enough Zuki,” said Kate, “Why don’t you go and meet your cousins at the other den?  We’ll go and get some breakfast.”
“Okay!” said Zuki.
“Okay, Humphrey, are you ready?” asked Kate.
“You bet I am-Oww!” yelled Humphrey.  He placed his paw right on his chest.  “Actually, on second thought,” said Humphrey, “I’ll stay here.”
“Um, okay Humphrey,” said Kate.  She then nuzzles Humphrey’s nose and runs off to hunt for some caribou.
          As soon as Kate arrives to the area where the caribou are supposed to be grazing, she finds the other wolves searching for caribou.
“Hutch,” asked Kate, “What happened here and where are the caribou?”
“They’re gone.  I don’t know how.  We can’t get hold of any other wolves outside of Jasper Park because the Sam that helped you last year is the last wolf that was not from here,” Hutch responded back.  They searched for hours, and found no caribou, not even one.  Kate then proposed a speech.
“Everyone,” said Kate, “The caribou has gone missing.  We need volunteers to help us search for the caribou.”  “I’ll go,” said Zuki.
“No, Zuki,” said Kate, “You’re too young.”
“Yeah, like that slacker can help,” snickered Robert.
“Hey!” yelled Zuki, “Be quiet, Robert!”
“What did that pup call my baby?” said Kate strictly.
“Oh, I’m so sorry,” said Jack in a sarcastic voice.  Jack is the beta wolf of the pack.  He and his son, Robert is both big jerks and loves to cause trouble.
“Get out of here,” said Humphrey in a serious mood as he struggle his way up the hill.
“Humphrey…” said Kate as she whispers in Humphrey’s ear, “What are you doing here?  You should be back at the den.”
“What is this?” said Jack “Is this a speech or honeymoon time?”  The pack starts to growl at Jack.  Eve then enters in the crowd and stands in front of Jack.
“Okay, Jack,” said Eve, “If you say anymore negative comments during Kate’s speeches, I will personally rip out your heart and shove it down your throat, so you know how black and cold it tastes!”  Soon the whole pack backed away, except for Jack who just stood back a little.
“Uh, everyone is dismissed now,” said Kate, “Zuki, come here.”
“Okay, mom,” Zuki.
“Come to the den with me and we’ll discuss some stuff in private.”
The three wolves headed back to the den.  “Okay Zuki,” said Kate, “Tonight, I’ll let you help me search for the caribou.”
“Thank you, mommy!” exclaimed Zuki in an exciting mood.
“But,” said Kate, “You must act seriously, like an alpha.  Do you understand?”  Zuki nodded his head.
“Alright then, let’s go,” said Kate, “Oh, and Humphrey, please keep watch of the den, thank you.”
“I will,” said Humphrey, “Good luck!”  He then hugs Kate.  Soon, Kate and Zuki left the den.  “Dang,” thought Humphrey, “She is still hot, even if she’s serious.  I would like to call it: ‘Hot and dangerous’.”  He then laughs to himself and starts to keep watch over the den.
Kate and Zuki searched the plains.  They searched for half an hour and found nothing.  They gave up and headed back to the den.
“Did you find anything, Kate?” said Humphrey.  Kate shook her head.  “Come on, Kate, let’s get some rest,” said Humphrey.  He then nuzzles Kate’s cheek because she was starting to look sad.  “Okay, Humphrey,” said Kate.  She then looks up at Humphrey and starts to giggle a little bit.  She then nuzzles Humphrey’s nose.  “Zuki?” said Kate.  “Yes mommy?” said Zuki.
“Let’s get some rest,” said Kate.
“Okay,” said Zuki.  Kate and Humphrey nuzzle Zuki as he starts to fall asleep.  “Hey Humphrey,” said Kate.
“Yes, my alpha, Kate?” said Humphrey.  He then chuckles softly.
“Come with me outside,” said Kate and gives a wink.  The two wolves meet each other outside the den.  Kate then knocks Humphrey on his back.
“Oof!  Kate!” said Humphrey.
“How’s that for a girl’s strength?” said Kate with a smile.  She then stands on top of him.
“Very funny, Kate” said Humphrey as he looks up at Kate’s face.  He then gives her a wink.  They both nuzzle each other’s noses.  “Come on, Kate let’s go inside,” said Humphrey.  “Okay,” said Kate.  The two wolves went inside and huddled around Zuki.  Both of them go into a lying position.  “Good night, Kate,” said Humphrey.  He then licks Kate’s cheek.  “Good night, my funny omega,” said Kate as she giggles softly.  She then licks Humphrey’s cheek in return.  “Humphrey,” said Kate.  “Yes?” Humphrey replied back.  “I’m pregnant again.  I forgot to tell you that.  When the veterinarians set us free, I heard them talking about me having two babies.  Right now I feel like I’m having another one.”  “Really?” said Humphrey excitedly.  “Really,” said Kate softly.  “Okay, good night Humphrey,” she said.  The three wolves then fall asleep.

Chapter 3:
          The next morning, Zuki wakes up.  He then decides to go to his cousins’ den.  As he walks towards his cousins’ den, Robert hops out of the bushes and lands in front of Zuki.  “Robert, get of my way,” said Zuki.
“I heard that you didn’t find any caribou,” snickered Robert, “You know, I should be the alpha kid because I can find the caribou faster than you can.”
“In your dreams Robert, now get out of my way,” yelled Zuki.
“Okay, if you insist,” said Robert.
When Zuki enters in his cousins’ den, he finds his uncle, Garth, keeping watch over Lilly and the pups.
“Hello, Zuki,” said Garth.
“Hi Uncle Garth,” said Zuki, “I was wondering if I can play with Sam and Sable.”
“I’m afraid I can’t let them play,” said Garth, “They need some rest.”
“Okay,” said Zuki.  He lowers his head and walks away.  Days passed and the pack had eaten nothing but scraps and some bitter berries.  Humphrey recovers from his injury.  One afternoon, Zuki lies in the den, tired as Kate takes care of him.  Soon, Hutch comes in the den and tells Kate some bad news.  They move outside of the den, leaving Zuki alone.  He then hears every word they say.
“What’s the news, Hutch?” said Kate anxiously.
“The caribou are nowhere to be seen.  We can only hope for the best,” said Hutch, “Kate, come with me, let me show you that the caribou are nowhere to be found.”  They both head towards the grassy plains.
Zuki lies in the den with Humphrey, feeling sad.
“Daddy?” said Zuki, “What is mommy doing?”
“I don’t know, son,” said Humphrey, “I’ll follow her.  Wait here.”  Humphrey then left the den and follows Kate.
Zuki then tries to fall asleep.  When he wakes up, he saw a white mist flowing through the den.  It slowly started to take a form.  Zuki then backed away from the mist.  Soon, it finally took shape of Winston’s spirit.  The gray and white colors started to go over the shape of the body.
“Zuki,” said Winston.
“Who are you?” said Zuki in a frightened voice.
“I am your grandfather’s spirit, Winston.  I was Kate’s father.”
“H-h-h-how are you alive?” said Zuki in a chattering voice.
“I’m alive inside Kate and Eve’s heart, but not in the real world.”
“Why are you here?” said Zuki as he slowly calms down.
“I am here to inform you why the caribou is gone.”
“Huh?  You know where the caribou’s location?”
“Yes.  They are located in Idaho, Sawtooth National Forest.”
“How did they get there?”
“The park rangers’ calculations and information had gotten mixed up.  The incorrect information misleads the park rangers.  One of the paper work had an order to send in a couple of caribou over to Idaho, but they sent nearly all of the caribou over to Idaho.”  Winston then sighed.
“What do you want me to do?”
“I want you to search for the caribou and bring them back here.”
“No, no I can’t.  I’m too young.  I’m not even ready to hunt yet.”
Winston then came closer to Zuki and places his paw on Zuki’s left shoulder.
“Zuki,” said Winston, “There was an ancient prophecy that was made from our ancestors.  It was said that a family was chosen to search for the caribou when they disappear.  I am here to tell you that your family was chosen to search for the missing caribou.  Do not be afraid.”  Soon, Kate and Humphrey comes into the den.
“Dad?” said Kate.  She started cry.
“Kate,” said Winston, “I am only here to inform you where the missing caribou’s location is.”
“Dad,” said Kate while crying, “I want you to stay.”
“I’m sorry, Kate, but remember what Humphrey has told you.”  He then goes over to Kate and places his paw on the left side of her chest.  “I will be alive in you and your mother, forever.”  He then goes over to Humphrey.  “Humphrey,” said Winston, “The missing caribous’ location is in Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho.”
“If that’s the case, then we need to get a group of alpha wolves to help us search for the caribou,” said Humphrey.
“Don’t, Humphrey,” said Winston, “If you do that, then your group will riot against you.  The legend says that the chosen family can only find the missing caribou.  Bringing a team of alpha wolves along will make things much harder.  It’s best off if you three go alone.”
“But we can’t do it together!” cried Kate, while she slowly stops crying, “It’s impossible!”
“Kate,” said Winston, “Remember, we cannot do the impossible alone, but we can choose to do it together.”  Winston goes outside the den and looks up at the sky.  The sky slowly starts to turn into night.
“My time is short,” said Winston.  He then walks over to Kate.  Kate, at that time, has her head down while sitting on the floor.  “Kate,” said Winston, “Look at me for a moment.”  She then looked up at Winston.  “Here,” said Winston.  He licked and nuzzled her cheek.  “I will always be your father, and I will always be with you,” said Winston.  He then walks over to Humphrey.  “Humphrey,” said Winston, “Take care of Kate.”  Humphrey nodded his head.  Winston then went outside then den and looks back at Kate, Humphrey, and Zuki.  “Before I leave, you must leave tonight to search for the caribou.  Scraps and bones are not enough for the pack.  Remember the location.  It is Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho.”  Winston then slowly starts to disappear.  “Farewell,” he said.  He then disappears completely.  A trail of white mist formed in his place and headed toward the sky.
“We have to go now,” said Humphrey.  Kate was still depressed.  She lied down on the floor.
“Mommy,” said Zuki, “I understand now.  I understand why you didn’t want to tell me, but now I know.”
“I just want him back,” said Kate, “He means a lot to me.”  She then started to cry again.  Humphrey then walks over to Kate.  “Kate,” said Humphrey, attempting to cheer her up, “Your father loved you very much.  This is what he wants.  He loved you all the time and so do Zuki and I.”  He then nuzzles Kate’s cheek and walks outside of the cave to keep watch.  Kate then slowly stops crying and walks towards Humphrey and sits in front of him.  “Thank you Humphrey,” she said and nuzzles his nose.  “We must leave soon,” she said.
“Agreed,” said Humphrey, “Zuki, are you ready to go?”
“I’m ready,” said Zuki.
“Alright then,” said Humphrey, “Let’s go.”  The wolves left their den in the dark night.  While they are running through dense forest, they carefully made sure that their scent is gone.  Thanks to the wind, their scent had been blown away.  Soon, they hopped on the Canadian Express Train to get to Idaho.
          Back at Jasper Park, the park rangers shot some tranquilizer darts at Lilly, Garth, Sam, and Sable while they are sleeping.  They took Sam and Sable and placed the two pups in two different cages.  They then took them into a plane and headed off somewhere else in the world.

Chapter 4:
          The next morning, Eve was still sleeping, unaware of what had happened last night.  She then woke up and stretched.  Soon, Jack comes in the den.
“Eve!” said Jack in a panicked voice.
“What is it, Jack,” said Eve in a serious mood.
“Kate, Humphrey, Zuki, Sable, and Sam are gone!”
“What?  How am I supposed to believe you?”
“Take a look outside.”  When Eve looked outside, she saw the whole pack scattered everywhere searching for the missing wolves.
“Why did you help me?” said Eve sternly.
“I was sorry that one night when Kate was making that announcement.  I was crazy.  I want you to understand that I am a beta wolf.  And beta wolves can help lead the pack temporarily,” said Jack, “Let me lead temporarily.”
“I still don’t trust you,” said Eve, “I want Garth and Lilly to take over temporarily.”
“He can’t,” said Jack, “He’s busy searching for Sable and Sam.  Look, you retired being the leader of the pack.  Let me for a little bit.  Garth and Lilly are searching harder than Kate and Humphrey.  That’s why I want to lead.”  Eve thought about it for a moment and finally made her decision.  “Alright, I will grant you permission to lead temporarily.  But, once when the missing wolves are found, they are back in control,” said Eve.
“Thank you,” said Jack.  He then calls Robert over to Kate’s den.
          Meanwhile, Sam and Sable wakes up and finds themselves inside two cages.
“Uh,” groaned Sam, “Huh?  Where am I?  Sable?  Where are you?”
“I’m right here,” said Sable.
“Where are we?”
“I have no idea.”  Soon, the cages were opened and the raced off into the unknown area around them.  “Come on, sister, run fast-” said Sam.  He hit his head on an invisible wall.  “Sam, are you alright?” said Sable as she approached him.  “I’m fine,” said Sam, “But what is this thing?”  He touches the invisible wall.  He then pounces at it, but fails.  “How do we get out of here?” Sable thought.
          Near Idaho, we find Kate and Zuki sleeping, while Humphrey keeps watch over them.  Humphrey then goes over to Kate and wakes her up.  “Kate, Kate, come on, wake up,” he said.  “Humphrey?” said Kate while yawning, “Are we there yet?”
“No,” responded Humphrey, “But, can I talk to you for a little bit?”
“Okay,” said Kate.  The two wolves then walked away from Zuki.
“Kate, I don’t know we really are the chosen family to search for the caribou.  What if we’re not the chosen ones?” said Humphrey.
“Humphrey, we saw my father,” said Kate, “He was there and he was real.  There was a reason why we are doing this.  There was a reason why he made us do this, for a purpose.”  Kate then looked outside and recognized mountains.  “We’re here,” said Kate, “Come on!” and she licked his cheek and they both giggled.  “Okay, let me wake up our son,” said Humphrey.  He then woke Zuki up and they hopped off the train.  “Okay, which way do we go?” said Kate.  “Kate,” said Humphrey, “Remember?”
“Oh yeah.  We have to climb the mountain,” said Kate.  “Oh great,” she thought, “I hope we don’t have to cross that huge crevice again.”
“Mommy, are you alright?” asked Zuki.
“Oh!” said Kate in a surprised voice.  She then starts to giggle.
“Yes, I’m fine, Zuki,” she said.
“Come on,” said Humphrey, “Let’s go, sweetie.  You too Zuki.”
“Okay, dad, I’m coming!” said Zuki excitingly.  The three wolves went up the snowy mountain.

Chapter 5:
          Meanwhile, Sam and Sable search exhaustedly around the area where they are.  “Dang it!” yelled Sam, “Where are we?”
“Where are you, you ask?” said a pigeon as he flies down towards the two pups, “Why, you’re in Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle!”
“Um, yeah” said Sable, “Where is Seattle exactly?”
“Seattle is a city in Washington State, one of the states of the United States of America,” said the pigeon in a patriotic voice.
“What is a zoo exactly?” asked Sam.
“A zoo is place where humans take animals and place them in safe areas where no harm can come to them,” said the pigeon.
“Why are we here?” asked Sable.
“The humans are trying to rescue you.  Eventually, they will release you back to the wild,” said the pigeon, “Oh by the way, the name’s Kyle, nice to meet you.”
“Hi,” said Sam, “Anyways, when will the humans release us?”
“Uh, usually around five human years, I don’t know really,” said Kyle.
“How many wolf years is that?” asked Sam.
“Let me think for a minute,” said Kyle.  He thought about it for a moment.  “Ah-ha!  I think I’ve got it!” said Kyle, “Five human years equals to about thirty-three years wolf years.  That is quite a while from now.”
“Oh gosh,” said Sable, “We need to get back to Jasper!”
“Don’t worry,” said Kyle, “I will help you.  I just need to switch some files around.  I’ll be right back!”
“Switch some what?” said Sable.  The two wolves then noticed some humans looking at them.
“Uh, I think we better go!”  They then hid to the nearest bush.
“Mommy?” asked one of the kids, “What were those wolves doing?”
“Oh, I don’t know sweet heart,” said the kid’s mother.  The humans then left.
          Back at Idaho, the sun was starting to fade over the mountains.  Clouds then started to roll over the sky.  The three wolves reached a huge gap.  “Oh, great,” thought Kate, “I did not want to be at this area again.”  She then had memories of her biting Humphrey’s tail.  She then starts to giggle at herself, softly.  “Uh, Kate,” said Humphrey, “Remember that one time?”  He then gave a wink to Kate.  She then walked over to him and whispered in his ear, “Yes, I do.”  “Uh, mom,” said Zuki, “How do we cross this?”
“Okay, Zuki,” said Kate, “This is when you need to put your alpha senses to the test.”  Suddenly, it started to rain.  “Kate, let’s be careful this time,” said Humphrey.  “Yeah,” said Kate, “I don’t want to do ‘that’ again.”  The three wolves looked down at the pitfall.  They notice the mud sliding down through the crevice.  Kate pounces down first, then Humphrey, and finally Zuki.  The three wolves safely make it across.  “Phew,” thought Humphrey, “I’m glad Kate didn’t have to bite my tail again.  I would embarrass myself in front of Zuki!”  “Let’s call it a night,” said Kate.  Humphrey and Zuki nodded their head.  They searched and found shelter.  They then fell asleep.
          Back at Woodland Park Zoo, night covers the entire city of Seattle.  Kyle comes back to give Sam and Sable the news.
“Sam, Sable!” yelled Kyle, “Are you here?”
The two pups walked out of the dark.
“Yeah, we’re here,” said Sam, “What’s the news?”
“I switched the files around.  They should send you to Idaho tonight,” said Kyle.
“What?” said Sable in a shocking voice, “Why are you going to make them send us to Idaho?”
“Look,” said Kyle, “I can’t find any paper work on Jasper Park.  Idaho is close to Canada.  There is also a train called the Canadian Express.  It passes by Jasper Park.”
“Oh,” said Sable in a more comfortable manner, “In that case, thanks.”
“It’s a pleasure,” said Kyle, “Get some rest you two.  The park rangers should be here any time now to take you to Idaho.”
“Okay, good night,” said Sam.

Chapter 6:
          The next morning in Idaho, the three wolves are sleeping peacefully.  Humphrey yawns and rolls over to his left.  Kate rolls over to her left.  At that time, Kate and Humphrey’s noses are touching each other.  Zuki then wakes up and sees a shocking moment.
“Uh, mom, dad?” said Zuki, “What are you doing?”
Both Kate and Humphrey wake up and both of them are surprised to see each other touching each other’s noses.
“Uh,” said Humphrey, “It’s an accident.”  He then gives a wink to Kate.
“Sure,” said Zuki while rolling his eyes.  Kate then starts to whimper and grunt.  “Uh, sweetie,” said Humphrey, “What’s wrong with you?”
Kate then whispered in Humphrey’s ear, “Its coming!”  She then held her paw right her stomach and started to breathe hard.  Humphrey then gasped.  “The baby is coming?” whispered Humphrey in a soft, shocking voice.
“What’s going on?” asked Zuki.  Humphrey then walked over to Zuki.
“Your mother is going to have a baby any time right now,” said Humphrey, “You stick with your mother, and I’ll go and find the caribou.”
“Dad…” said Zuki.
“Humphrey,” said Kate, “I’ll be fine on my own.”
“No, Kate, I don’t want to lose this time,” said Humphrey.
“Humphrey, come over here,” said Kate, “Trust me on this.  I trusted you on that log ride a few years ago.  Now just trust me.”  Humphrey then sighed and lowered his head.  He then brings his head up higher and gives Kate a hug.
“Come on, Zuki,” said Humphrey, “Let’s go and find the caribou.”
          Meanwhile, Sam and Sable find themselves inside a cage again.  As soon as they woke up, they saw their cage open.  They then ran outside and find themselves at Sawtooth National Forest in the middle of the day.
“Well, well, well.  Look who is up!” said Kyle, “Good luck getting back to Jasper Park.”
“Thanks,” said Sam.  The two wolves start to wander around the area and find a half open log.  “Hey Sable, want to use the log to go faster?” said Sam.
“Okay!” said Sable excitedly.  They knew what to do because back at Jasper Park, Humphrey taught them how to ride and steer a log.  Soon, they pushed off the hill and off they went.  They dodged trees and rocks.  “Hey Sable, I think we need to work on the BRAKES!” yelled Sam.  He saw a rock up ahead.  The slammed into it and they were flung many feet up in the air.  They then crashed down near a cliff.  The two wolves were laughing.  Soon, they looked over the cliff and saw two wolves hiding underneath the tall, green grass.
“Hmm,” thought Sam, “I wonder if they are friendly.”  Sam then howled at the two wolves.  “Sam!” yelled Sable, “What are you doing?”
“I’m trying to see if those wolves down there are on our side.  If they are, they can help.”
Down the cliff, Humphrey and Zuki recognized that howl.  “Hmm,” thought Humphrey, “I probably should howl back because it sounds like Sam.”  Humphrey then howled back at Sam.  “That’s definitely Humphrey,” thought Sam.  “Hey Uncle Humphrey!” yelled Sam.  “Hey, Sam!” yelled Humphrey.
“Wait for us!  We’ll go down!” yelled Sable.  The two pups did a flip in the air and landed safely down on the ground.  Humphrey then stares at them in amazement.  When the two pups approached him, he placed his paw in front of them and said, “Nice job, guys.”  The two pups then took their paw up and did a high-five to Humphrey’s paw.  The two pups then laughed.
“So, Uncle Humphrey, what can we do?” said Sam.
“Zuki and I are searching for the missing caribou around this area,” said Humphrey, “You should probably meet your Aunt Kate over on the top of that hill.”  He pointed to the top of the hill behind him.
“Okay,” said Sable.  The two pups then ran up the hill.
“Aunt Kate!” yelled Sam.
“Sam?  Sable?  Is that you?” yelled Kate.
When the two pups arrive, they noticed that Kate was in pain.
“What is going on?” asked Sam.  Kate then whispered what’s going on in their ear.  The two wolves then gasped.
          Meanwhile, Zuki and Humphrey found the herd of caribou.  “Okay, Zuki,” said Humphrey, “We need to find out how to get the herd back to Jasper Park.”  But suddenly, they heard human voices in the forest behind them.  “Hide!” said Humphrey softly.  They hid under the tall grass.  When the humans came out of the forest, it turns out that the humans are the park rangers from Jasper.  “It’s a good thing that we followed those wolves,” said one of the park rangers.  “Yeah,” said another, “If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have found the caribou.  Our navigation systems were down.”  Zuki heard everything what the park rangers had said.  “Dad, we can go now!” said Zuki, “The park rangers will take the caribou back to Jasper!”  As the park rangers moved the herd of caribou in a certain direction, one of them accidentally dropped a sheet of paper without knowing it.  Both Zuki and Humphrey walked over to the sheet of paper.  Zuki then sniffed the sheet of paper.  Suddenly, he recognized a scent that was hidden inside there.  He then starts to growl.  “Uh, Zuki?” said Humphrey, “Are you okay?”  Zuki then turned his head to Humphrey.  “I believe I know what the cause was that had driven the caribou away from Jasper.  “What is it?” asked Humphrey.  Zuki then whispered the name in his ear.  “Are you sure, Zuki?” said Humphrey.  Zuki nodded his head confidently.  “Let’s get back to mom,” said Zuki.  Humphrey nodded his head.  The two wolves ran through the tall grass and walked through the dense forest.  As they arrive to see Kate, they notice her in a lying position hiding something.
“Kate,” said Humphrey softly, “Are you alright?”
Kate turned her head towards Humphrey’s head and giggled.  She then revealed what she was hiding.  Zuki and Humphrey then gasped.  Kate had revealed her new baby.
“Is it a boy or a girl?” said Zuki excitedly.
Humphrey inspected the newborn pup.
“It’s a girl, son,” said Humphrey.  He then nuzzled Kate’s cheek.
“What should we name her?” said Kate, “It’s your turn to name our pup.”  Humphrey thought for a moment.
“How about Christina?” asked Humphrey.
“That’s a beautiful name,” said Kate, “Humphrey, how can we take her back to Jasper Park safely?”
“We must be extra careful this time,” said Humphrey, “It might take us two days to get back to Jasper.”  Kate then placed the baby on Humphrey’s back.  The six wolves watched over Christina, making sure that she was out of harms reach.

Chapter 7:
Two rough days had passed.  The six wolves finally made it back to Jasper Park safely.  They were exhausted.  Christina can sort of walk now.  When they arrived, they were in shock of what they saw.
“What happened here?” thought Kate.  There were wolves hiding inside their den.  They were hungry and tired.  When the six wolves arrived inside Kate’s den, they saw Eve tired and weak.  “Mom!” yelled Kate.  But as Kate starts to run towards Eve, Jack gets in the way.  Zuki then steps in front.  “Heh,” snickered Jack, “Hey Zuki.”
“Why did you send the caribou over to Idaho?” said Zuki angrily.
“Oh, yeah, about that,” said Jack, “I planned to get rid of you and your relatives, so I can lead the pack.  So far, we’ve been relying on the park rangers to feed us.  You see, if you’re gone, like forever, then I can maintain control and I can become the alpha wolf!  You can’t be the alpha wolf anymore, you know.  The wolves are on my side and you don’t have any evidence to overthrow me!”
“That’s not how a true leader leads his pack,” said Kate.  Soon, they heard some growling sounds.  It was the wolf pack.  They surrounded the six wolves.  “Wait!” yelled Sam.  Sam and Sable revealed themselves to the pack.  “Sam?  Sable?  Is that you?” yelled Lilly.  “Mom!” yelled Sam, “We’re over here!”  Garth and Lilly ran towards Sam and Sable.  They soon gave each other hugs.
“What happened, Sable?” asked Garth.
“Jack sent us to Idaho, just to make you and mom search for us,” said Sable.
“Who told you that?” asked Lilly.  Sable and Sam turned their heads towards Zuki.
“Zuki told us, he found Jack’s scent one of the sheets of paper from the office cabin,” said Sam.  He then had the sheet of paper that he had brought along from Idaho.
The pack then started to back away a little bit.
“Listen, everyone,” said Zuki, “We all can’t rely on the park rangers to feed us.  If we want to be the best of ourselves, then we have to rely on our own food, or even possible, move to a different land.”  The pack then thought about that.
“I learned a lesson from someone special, ‘We cannot do the impossible together, but we can choose to do it together’,” said Zuki.  He then remained silent and walks away.  The pack makes way for Zuki, but Garth stops him for a moment.  “Hey, Zuki,” whispered Garth, “I’ll take care of Jack, just sit back.”  The pack then starts to growl at Jack.  Garth then walks in front of Jack and looks straight into his eyes.  “Get out of here,” said Garth in a serious voice.  “Robert!” yelled Jack, “Spring the trap!”  Robert then rushes towards Zuki and starts to push Zuki down the small cliff behind him.  The cliff is about twenty feet down and the bottom is flat, but it still is a great height to fall from.  “Farewell,” said Robert.  He then shoves Zuki down the cliff with all his might.  Zuki then fell twenty feet down to the ground.  The whole pack gasped.  “Zuki!” yelled Kate and Humphrey.  They ran down the cliff to reach Zuki.
“Zuki,” said Kate, “Wake up, please.”  She nudges Zuki’s body.  She checked for a pulse, but there was no heart beat.  Kate starts to cry.  The pack then fell silent for a moment.  Suddenly, as Kate prepared to howl for Zuki, she saw two white mists heading down towards the ground.  It then came towards the pack.  It slowly took two forms.  The first mist had gray and white colors.  The second mist had dark brown and burnt sienna colors.  Both mists took the form of Winston and Tony.  The pack then backed away from them.  Winston and Tony then walked up to Kate, who is currently crying for Zuki.  Humphrey then stood up.  “Humphrey,” said Winston, “Do not worry for Zuki.”  He then placed his paw on Humphrey’s shoulder.  “Every living being deserves a second chance.  Zuki proved his honor,” said Tony.  Winston and Tony both look at each other and nodded.  They both walked over to Kate.  “Dad,” said Kate while crying, “I failed to protect my son.”  Winston then gave Kate a hug.  “Do not worry, Kate.  He’s going to be just fine,” said Winston.  Just then, Eve came down and ran towards Winston.  “I thought you were gone,” said Eve.  “I am alive inside you and Kate’s heart,” said Winston, “Tony and I will do everything in our power to help Zuki.  Eve then started crying.  “Are you sure you want to do this?” said Eve.  “Honey,” said Winston, “Every wolf deserves a second chance.  Zuki has proven his bravery.”  Eve then gave Winston a hug.  Winston then walked over to Jack and Robert.  They tried to run, but Winston’s tail extended and he wrapped the two wolves around him.  The two wolves struggle to get out, but fail.  “Kate and Humphrey,” said Winston, “Bring Zuki over here.”  Kate and Humphrey looked at each other and nodded.  Kate slowly stops crying and both of them carried Zuki’s body to Winston.  “Are you ready, old friend?” said Winston.  “Any time, now,” said Tony.  Soon, Winston and Tony disappear slowly.  Kate then walked in front of Winston.  “Good bye, Kate,” said Winston.  “Good bye…” said Kate, “dad.”  She then started to cry.  She then gives him a hug.  But then, Winston is completely gone and so was Tony.  What replaced their spots were two white mists.  It then traveled high into the sky and went straight down towards earth.  The two mists combined together and entered Zuki’s body.  It created a bright light and explosion.  The explosion created a bright yellow light.  Surprisingly, the explosion did not hurt anyone, but it knocked everyone down to the ground.  After the explosion, the wolves got back up on their feet.  They then looked at Zuki to see if he can move.  Kate then walked towards Zuki and nuzzled his cheek.  Zuki then made a sighing sound and then he slowly opened his eyes.  “Zuki,” said Kate softly, “I thought I lost you.”  She then hugged Zuki.  “What happened?” said Zuki”.  He looked at Humphrey for a moment.  “Oh, I remember, someone pushed me down a cliff, and yet, I can’t remember who did it,” said Zuki confusingly.  The pack then pointed at Jack and Robert.  Zuki then ran towards Jack and Robert.  Jack snickered, “Robert, go get him.”  When Robert pounces forward towards Zuki, Zuki then spun a three hundred sixty degree circle and used his tail as a whip.  He whipped Robert’s face hard enough to make Robert fall down to the ground, which caused him to whimper.  “What?” thought Zuki, “How did I do that?”  He looked at himself in a strange way.  When he looked back at the pack, all the wolves backed away a little bit.  Zuki’s facial appearance changed.  He then turned his head back towards Jack.  “Don’t come back here, ever, otherwise you will suffer the consequences!” said Zuki in an aggressive, serious voice.  He then started to growl.  Afraid of what else Zuki can do, Jack backed away from Zuki and told Robert to flee with him, somewhere outside of Jasper Park.  Zuki then stopped growling.

Chapter 8:
          Zuki then walked over to his parents.  “Zuki,” said Humphrey curiously, “How did you do that?”  “I don’t know, dad,” said Zuki.  All of a sudden, the spirit of Winston and Tony both came out of Zuki’s body.  “We will keep him alive as long as possible.  He has some super natural instincts that he has to learn and control,” said Tony.  Zuki then turned his head towards Winston and Tony’s spirit.  “Why am I like this?” he asked.
“Zuki,” said Winston, “You and your sister, Christina will be the future leaders of the pack.  You and your family and relatives are the only ones who hold the key to the next generation’s survival.  Please understand it, Zuki.”  Winston and Tony then faded away and their spirits went back to Zuki’s body.  “Well, Zuki,” said Humphrey in a fun-loving mood, “I guess you will have more training to do!”  “Aw, dad!”  said Zuki.  Kate then giggles and licks Zuki’s cheek.  “Alright, let’s go back to the den.  It’s almost sunset.”  The two wolves nodded their heads and everyone called it a day.  But before everyone can go to sleep, Kate made an announcement.  “Next time everyone, use your heads.  Okay good night,” said Kate.  All the wolves then learned their lesson.  When everyone left, the park rangers came with the herd of caribou, giving a special treat to the wolves tomorrow morning.  When Kate, Humphrey, Christina, and Zuki made it back to the den, Zuki and Christina started to play with each other.  Kate and Humphrey sat back and watched them play.  “Good, old times, remember, Humphrey?” whispered Kate.  Humphrey thought about the moments back at the train when they both howled a romantic duet together at the full moon and the one time when Humphrey felt how strong Kate’s alpha jaws was.
“Yeah, great times,” whispered Humphrey.  They both then nuzzled each other’s noses and Kate pushed Humphrey over.
“You’re not going to get away this time!” said Humphrey in a playful voice.
“Give it up Humphrey, you’ll never catch me!” said Kate as they ran outside the den.  As Kate was running, she stopped and looked behind her.  “Humphrey?” yelled Kate.  Humphrey then pounced out of the bushes and got Kate on her back this time.  Humphrey was then on top of Kate.  “Omega one, alpha zero,” said Humphrey and he gave a playful wink.  “Wow,” thought Humphrey, “Kate is really hot tonight.”  Kate then made that beautiful facial expression that makes her really attractive.  “Oh, you silly omega!” said Kate, “Come on, let’s go to sleep.”  Humphrey nodded his head.  They told Zuki and Christina to go to sleep.  Soon, everyone was asleep.

Chapter 9:
          The next morning, the pack wakes up.  The first thing that they saw was some caribou out in the distance.  Soon, Kate, Humphrey, Zuki, and Christina wake up from their sleep.  Zuki then immediately asks his dad to play with him.
“Hey dad,” said Zuki, “Can I play with you?”
“Okay, Zuki.  You deserve it,” said Humphrey.  The two wolves did some wolf piles and chased each other around the den.  They soon ran outside the den to play.  Kate then comes over to Humphrey to ask a request.
“Humphrey,” said Kate, “Let me play with Zuki today.  I haven’t got the chance to do so in the past, so let me today.  You can watch over Christina!”  She then gave a playful wink.
“Okay, Kate,” said Humphrey and they gave each other nuzzles.  Kate starts to play with Zuki, while Humphrey takes care of Christina.
          As the days pass, Christina starts to get more active.  She starts to play with Zuki.  She has the same personality as Zuki, but she’s not as swift as Zuki.  The two wolves both chase each other around the plains.  Kate and Humphrey, both in a sitting position, watches over them.  Soon, Garth and Lilly comes in.
“Hey, Kate,” said Garth, “I want to ask you a favor.  Can you watch over Sam and Sable for us?  We’re going hunting and the pups want to play with Zuki and Christina.”
“Of course,” said Kate in a cheerful mood.
“Thanks, big sister,” said Lilly.
“No problem,” responded Kate.
“Okay kids,” said Garth, “You can play with Zuki and Christina.  Remember to behave!”
“Okay dad!” said Sam and Sable.  The two pups ran towards the plains and start to chase Zuki and Christina around.  The four pups then did a wolf pile.  Kate and Humphrey laughed as they watched them play.  They both looked at each other and gave each other nuzzles.  As they watched the pups play, they never forgot what Winston had said to them: “We cannot do the impossible alone, but we can choose to do it together.”
“It looks like the worst is over,” said Humphrey.
“Yeah,” said Kate, “I think so too.”  Kate and Humphrey’s adventure has come to an end, but the pups’ adventure has yet to come.

The End

Directed by: Uarecaught
Co-Directors: HumphreyTheWolf, BaltoFan28, and PikaJew
Dedicated to: VaporWolf980 (OfficialWolfFang)
All characters belong to LionsGate, Crest Animations, and VaporWolf980 (OfficialWolfFang)

Copyright © 2010, by Uarecaught Productions

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